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1/10/15 at THE SNOW BARN 

Alright folks, got our first gig of the new year to announce - our first hit at The Snow Barn on Mount Snow. We'll have a nice, long three hour set. Come on out to ski country and get it on!


...after months of waiting, we dropped this sucka today! Get to our videos page or check YouTube to see our latest offering! Much thanks to Frank Hegyi for his awesome directorial efforts. ROCK N ROLL.

Burlington, VT on Saturday 

For all those who came out to our shows over the weekend, much thanks. We had a great time with the always-excellent Mister F, and hot damn that was quite a rager with The Somerville Symphony Orkestar and The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library on Friday. Thanks to Joel from SSO and Aeronaut Brewing for hosting us. This weekend we're back up in Burlington, VT, doing two long sets at Red Square. Come see us with new addition Steve Wilkinson on drums. Can't wait!



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