SUPER SECRET BASEMENT SHOW!!! New New Highgate this Saturday with the excellent SCHOOL FOR ROBOTS. The FB event can be found here. It's invite only, so message the band at to be put on the super secret list. 

Summer Shows

To all y'all Strange Changelings out there.... we got lots of dates coming up with great bands! We're doing a basement party with School for Robots on the 28th on Reedsdale  in Allston (stay tuned for more details), then we're…


 Got a BIG OL BADASS 7 PIECE BAND comin at ya tonight in Central Square. You can check out  our latest video release, But Moooommmm.... on the YouTubes for a taste of the ACTION. $5, 9:00, CASH BAR, BRING YOUR…

High-Concept Art from our friend Greg

 My friend Greg likes the band and drawing things. He's going to draw things here from time to time. This is one of those things. Its title is "Donkey Presenting its Butt:"

Allegory the failure of the modern Democratic…

Paranoid Android Cover on Videos Page

 Got some fresh work for ya over at Videos, where you can see the band do its arrangement of "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead. We did this recording along with one other original tune on Sunday, followed by a few…

New Show Dates!!!!

 Hey everyone, been a little quiet over here lately but we got some stuff comin' your way in April and May. Mosey on over to the CALENDAR and you will see we're going to be playing a solo set THURSDAY…

New site for SC Jazz

 Head over to for a look at our new promo site for the SC Jazz side project. We take the talented mofos in the big band and break them down into small jazz combos to gig all over the…

Pictures and Video from PAs Lounge

 If y'all mosey on over to our little facebook page, you'll find a brand new photo album along with a brand new video of the band playing "Huffin' in the Nude," one of the songs from our upcoming full-length debut…

Strange People with Instruments Changes at the MAGIC ROOM in MAY

 Hello there Strange Changelings, we are very excited to announce that we'll be playing FRIDAY, MAY 11th at the Magic Room in Brighton with our good friends People With Instruments. That's gonna be three hours of face-melting music comin' at…

First club show TONIGHT at PA's Lounge!

 The whole 8-piece SC big band will bet hittin' the stage at 8:30 tonight in Somerville. Come check us out along with Lil Kids, Adam in America, and Desolation Bells at PA's Lounge!
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