Joe Brogan - Trumpet

Joe Brogan was born in 85′, and has been playing the trumpet since he was 7 years old (do the math). With strong classical chops, Joe found himself in the top ranks of young musicians in the state of Massachusetts, and the East Coast up through his high school years. This experience took a natural step to music school. He did a year over at the Hartt School in CT, then transferred to Berklee and stayed until he graduated. Within that time Joe has become a go to guy for any style in any professional musical setting. Funk, GB, Straight Ahead, Musicals, Rock/Metal (yes), Ska, Reggae, Avant-garde, Latin, Calypso, Strange Changes, or whatever…whether it’s live or in the studio, he’ll play it all and he’ll play his ass off. For Joe, the pandemonium that is Strange Changes is a perfect fit.

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