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Paranoid Android Cover on Videos Page 

 Got some fresh work for ya over at Videos, where you can see the band do its arrangement of "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead. We did this recording along with one other original tune on Sunday, followed by a few jazz demos that we'll be posting here and at Keep your eyes peeled for one more video within a week....

New Show Dates!!!! 

 Hey everyone, been a little quiet over here lately but we got some stuff comin' your way in April and May. Mosey on over to the CALENDAR and you will see we're going to be playing a solo set THURSDAY, APRIL 12 at the Central Square Elk's Lodge in Cambridge. $5 at the door, 9:00, the bar is all cash so leave your plastic at home. In even more exciting news, we're hitting the MAGIC ROOM on FRIDAY, MAY 11 with the one and only People With Instruments. PLUS we're hittin' the studio this weekend to work on our NEW SINGLE, maybe a few VIDEOS, who knows what will happen when the tape starts rolling.....

Pictures and Video from PAs Lounge 

 If y'all mosey on over to our little facebook page, you'll find a brand new photo album along with a brand new video of the band playing "Huffin' in the Nude," one of the songs from our upcoming full-length debut. Have I mentioned we have an upcoming full-length debut? Yeah, you know you want it. And it wants you. Literally. The album is titled "I Want You," and it WILL drop this summer.

You can also see the pictures on our webpage. Like, here.

Strange People with Instruments Changes at the MAGIC ROOM in MAY 

 Hello there Strange Changelings, we are very excited to announce that we'll be playing FRIDAY, MAY 11th at the Magic Room in Brighton with our good friends People With Instruments. That's gonna be three hours of face-melting music comin' at yo lips. Doors will be at 8, when we have set times and the cover established you can see them on the Calendar. If you've never been to the Magic Room before, it's an awesome, intimate space on North Beacon. 21+ only. Check out PWI here.