...I actually have to sit down after listening to this, so give me a second… ”

— Cady Drell, Boston Dig


Strange Changes is... as the name implies, impossible to define. This explosive and unpredictable big band  ensemble has been rapidly expanding from its home base of Boston  throughout the East Coast, Midwest and beyond. Bearing influences from  transcendent composers like Frank Zappa and Charles Mingus, Strange  Changes has developed a proprietary blend of funk, rock, jazz, fusion,  Americana, and about any other idiom you can rattle off. This is an act  you don’t want to miss, balancing high-level improvisation with stunningly tight arrangements and a free-spirited approach to the great tradition of American music. Moment to moment, song to song - there’s no telling where SC is headed next.



Tom Dowd - Guitar/Vocals

Geoff Nielsen - Trombone, Guitar, Vocals, Production

Greg Toro - Basses

Evan Waaramaa - Keyboards

Steve Wilkinson - Drums

Sam Crawford - Guitar

Joe Brogan - Trumpet

Erik Van Dam - Saxophones

Colin Edgar - Saxophones

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