Evan Waaramaa - Keys

Evan Waaramaa is an award-winning keyboardist and composer currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. Growing up in Hartford, Connecticut, he was exposed to countless nights of jazz performances, jams, and concerts, especially jazz influenced by afro-cuban and brazilian styles. He quickly became captivated with international music of all kinds and has since dedicated much of his career to bringing the many gems of world music to a larger audience.Evan has performed a wide variety of genres with musicians from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela, Palestine, Turkey, Japan, and Spain, among many others, and composes and records his own tunes in the various styles that he continues to become inspired by. Having performed at venues in the US and Europe, Evan is a skilled and seasoned pianist with a quirkiness and rhythmic inventiveness that makes his sound a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether he's opening for Arturo Sandoval at a festival in Connecticut, playing with Spanish flamenco musicians at the Berklee Performance Center, jamming on standards at the Tunnel jazz club of Austria, or letting his hands run wild with montunos in Springfield Massachusetts, he maintains his unique voice while blurring the lines between all genres. A budding composer of film music, Evan has already scored for short films, as well as student projects in the U.S.



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