From the recordings I Want You, I Want You, and I Want You

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Nixon's the One

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Tom Dowd - Guitar/Vox
Geoff Nielsen - Trombone/Guitar/Percussion/Nixon Samples
Sam Crawford - Bass
Lyubomir Tsanev - Keyboards
Tiago Michelin - Drums
Erik Van Dam - Alto Sax
Josh Crowley - Tenor Sax
Joe Brogan - Trumpet

Written by Tom Dowd (c)2012

Recorded, Engineered, and Mastered by Geoff Nielsen at Barefoot Studios in Brighton, MA.


hello, good evening beautiful, won’t you tell me what’s your name?
they call me Richard Nixon and I’m the greatest in the game
i’m the biggest, baddest, jowliest, nosiest man you’ll ever meet
i got more power than eisenhower and more lovin’ than the Kennedys
so if the GOP ain’t your cup of tea, baby that’s okay
you pretend you’re Marylin, and I’ll be JFK
you and me and Checkers will lay down on the White House lawn
i’ll deflower your rose garden until the break of dawn
i don’t wanna hear you don’t return my affections
talk like that will make a man like me lose his election
sometimes my situation room can get a little sticky
cuz i keep my willy slick and i keep my dick tricky

Nixon is the one
California’s favorite son
and girl i’ll be your favorite too
before this song is done
i’ve got the brains i’ve got the power
and you know you’ve got the looks
and even if i steal your heart
girl i’m not a crook

do the nixon throw your hands up in the air
like tricky dick, son, too powerful to care
do the nixon you know i’ll never stop
cause tricky dick will always be on top

i can see you’re a little shy about jumping in to bed
ask Kissinger, at first even Zhou Enlai played hard to get
but he gave in cuz tricky dick just won’t accept defeat
one way or another you’ll wind up in my pink sheets

girl why won’t you return my calls, can’t get you off my mind
got the secret service tailin’ you and i bugged all your phone lines
if i get wind that you and ol’ Agnew are gettin friendly
I’ll pop you in the head like you were Salvador Allende
don’t you dare to turn me down that’s only just the start
i’ll send a couple cronies out and break right into your heart
and when we get it on i’ll record the love we make
you’ll go down in history, unless i erase the tapes
cuz lovin’ you ain’t a crime, and just to taste your kiss
i’d even share a cell with that commie Alger Hiss
my love for you is scandalous, it won’t ever abate
it will live forever, our sexual Watergate