From the recordings I Want You and I Want You

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But Moooommmm....

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Tom Dowd - Guitar/Vox
Geoff Nielsen - Trombone/Synths
Evan Marien - Bass
Brandon Lopez - Upright Bass
Devin Collins - Drums
Lyubomir Tsanev - Keys/Synths
Joe Brogan - Trumpet
Craig Hill - Tenor Sax
Andre Farley - Alto Sax

Written by Tom Dowd (c)2012

Recorded and Engineered by Geoff Nielsen at Lions Den Studios.
Mastered by Geoff Nielsen at Barefoot Studios.


But moooommmmm I don’t wanna take my pills today
I just want to run and jump and laugh and scream and sing and dance and play
With my new toy hand grenades!

I don’t want to go to school

How many more days till it’s my birthday?

Grandma has chocolate milk! I want more!

But moooommmm I don’t wanna go to school today
I just want to run
And walk
And laugh
And shout
And sing
And play music, goddamnit.