From the recordings I Want You, I Want You, and I Want You

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Huffin' in the Nude

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Tom Dowd - Guitar/Vox
Geoff Nielsen - Trombone
Brandon Lopez - Bass
Devin Collins - Drums
Lyubomir Tsanev - Keys/Synths
Joe Brogan - Trumpet
Craig Hill - Tenor Sax
Andre Farley - Alto Sax

Written by Tom Dowd (c)2012

Recorded and Engineered by Geoff Nielsen at Lions Den Studios.
Mastered by Geoff Nielsen at Barefoot Studios.


I like angeldust in June
And late in the afternoon
Huffin nitrous from balloons
And when the sun is settin soon
I like huffin in the nude
Well, ‘cept for my huffin shoes
I like to shine ‘em up real good
Then take another whiff of glue

Cuz this might be the day
The good lord takes me away
and I’d be awful scared
if these drugs would let me care
cuz this might be the day
the good lord takes me away
and god might treat me worse
if his drugs don’t kill me first

I like trippin when fall comes
And when the acid’s going strong
A little coke to numb my gums
A pint of whiskey just for fun
I like tweakin in my socks
Wearin argyles and smokin rocks
Stole my mamma’s medicine box
Her asthma medication sucks