1. Dinosaur Gravy

From the recordings I Want You, I Want You, and I Want You

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Dinosaur Gravy

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Tom Dowd - Guitar/Vox
Geoff Nielsen - Trombone
Evan Marien - Bass
Devin Collins - Drums
Lyubomir Tsanev - Keys/Synths
Joe Brogan - Trumpet
Craig Hill - Tenor Sax
Andre Farley - Alto Sax
Jameson Stewart - Vox
Darrick Lucas - Vox

Written by Tom Dowd (c)2012

Recorded and Engineered by Geoff Nielsen at Lions Den Studios.
Mastered by Geoff Nielsen at Barefoot Studios.


When you’re in the mood for different food
When you’re been around all the diners in town
Just find your way to the ancient theme buffet… Dinosaur Gravy

When you’re in the mood for different food
When you want more than the same 8 restaurants
We’ve found a way to make everything better at Dinosaur Gravy

Dinosaur gravy
Dino gravy

Triceratops steak on stegosaurus plates
Aged since the late Cretaceous
The meat’s a little dry, just between you and me
It sure could use some dino gravy

The waitress recommends deep fried raptor legs
With poached pterodactyl eggs. I’ll pick up the check
Isn’t this wine great? These prehistoric grapes
Compliment the taste of dino gravy