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Absence of Time

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I wrote this song about a cat at a nursing home named Oscar that could sense when a patient was near death. Normally he avoided people, but when he went into a patient’s room the nursing home would call in the family. I wrote the lyrics by imagining some kind of weird conversation between a dying old person and his guide in the journey to the next life, Oscar. - Tom


Here I lie, abandoned by those dear to me
Searching for signs in a hand that I can’t really read
One day I awoke, but my eyes stayed asleep
One day I got up, but my legs failed me
I can’t help but remember that
I once walked and I once saw
Something’s stopping me from
Seeing what I’ll become
I wait almost breathless
To find out what death is
Death is

So I look forward to the absence of time
The walls in my mind
Come crashing down
The question remains, what will they leave behind?
Terms redefined
Dismantle our

Four legs, two ears, a tail and three eyes
They say he’s been resurrected almost his nine times
Oscar tell me
What will I be?
What’s this feeling deep inside?
The light starts to bend now…
Time spills from the ends now
Cold but I don’t shiver
Drifting down the river

So I look forward to the absence of time
No, look behind
You’re not making
Senses are flawed, don’t rely on them now
…now. But then how…
“How” implies
The tension binds me, builds the walls in my mind
…mind. Then undermine
A moment of
Rest when you see into the cyclic design
…sign. We’re all inscribed
Inside our Inside our
History History