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DST photos, Great Set w/ Tauk Last Night 

So we made it down to Norwich, CT last night for an opening set along with NYC's fast-rising TAUK. They are good dudes and great players, keep an eye out. We'd like to thank Strange Brew and everyone who made it out last night, it was a fun set at a very well-run venue. We'll be back soon, no doubt.

Also wanted to pass along some shots of our performance at the Davis Square Theatre with Bent Knee last month. These are retouched stills taken from the video we shot of our "Prance" (Dillinger Escape Plan) cover. We're starting the long process of editing this footage this month so keep an eye out for that as well. The energy and intensity in the room is palpable in the video and I think it comes through in some of these photos. You can see the rest of the album here.


High-Concept Art from our friend Greg 

 My friend Greg likes the band and drawing things. He's going to draw things here from time to time. This is one of those things. Its title is "Donkey Presenting its Butt:"

Allegory the failure of the modern Democratic Party? Childish prank? Erotic bestiality art? You be the judge.