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Become What You Are 

Our deepest thanks to all the great people who came out to SC:SSO:DST. It was our best, most elaborate production to date and the crowd and the band both responded with epic performances. I can't wait to dig into the tape. I feel confident in predicting it will be the best video content we've put together yet. Huge thanks to all the people who helped make this show a success: Somerville Symphony Orkestar, The Davis Square Theatre, Frank Hegyi and crew, Geoff Nielsen, Charlie Gargano of The Murdock Manor, Joe Turner, Ian Nault, Chris Jacques, and more.

See you on YouTube.

RIP Church of Boston 

Since Church of Boston is closing its doors, I'd like to take a moment to eulogize it with my favorite STRANGE CHANGES war story. Way back on 11/17/12 we had a clusterfuck 5 band bill featuring OTP, Froggy & The Friendship, Shoney Lamar, and the most important band in the story, Something About Horses (great lineup!). For those not familiar with SAH (also RIP, check out Jay Kohler's new work though) it was a super awesome mathcore warhead of a band. They were first up that night.

As it happens, Church had a very lucrative matinee booked. The Who were playing in town that weekend and Pete Townshend's brother Simon did an evening solo set of genuinely forgettable Irish-ish pub backwash. All 5 bands wound up stacking their gear on the cold pavement outside, as Simon's 3rd, 4th, and 5th encores went well past our scheduled load in and sound check. Meanwhile the crowd of baby boomer Who groupies racked up big tabs on high limit credit cards. Finally, we rushed our gear in well behind schedule and SAH did a quick line check.

I will never forget the look of horror on the manager's face when Jay, Tim Doherty and company unleashed their auditory assault on that stuffy ass room. Thousands of dollars in bar sales fled for the nearest exit while SAH shook the foundations and rattled the windows. It was a perfect disaster; I could only barely suppress my sadistic glee while feigning ignorance of SAH's style to the manager.

It definitely wasn't the best gig we had at Church, those always came later with Benny Tucker. But man, sometimes there is something to be said for bombing with style. If ever a room deserved to get hit with a bomb, it was that one.

Raise a drink to a great local club; no watering hole is perfect but Church felt that way once in a while.


Remember this?

It was party of this crazy awesome night where Bent Knee and yours truly shared a monstrous bill at The Davis Square Theatre?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "man I wish I could have been there?"

We have good news. It's happening again. And this time we're going to tape a full set complete with lights and visual effects. It's happening Friday, October 2nd at the scene of the crime, the Davis Square Theatre. This time we'll be splitting the bill with The Somerville Symphony Orkestar.

More information coming soon.

Let's run that last one back.. 

Well we had so much got damned fun at the Middle East Upstairs last week that we are gonna go ahead and PLAY THERE AGAIN IMMEDIATELY. By immediately we mean THURSDAY, JULY 30TH.

How's that sound?

We've been waiting and waiting to split a bill with the North Shore's MOTHER TON and our day in the sun has arrived. Let's blow out one of the coolest venues on the East Coast this summer. DIG IT.

New Show - 2/21 @ Church of Boston 

Hey everyone! Super psyched to announce a headlining date at Church of Boston next month on Saturday, 2/21. This will be a New England fusion throwdown featuring local favorites Background Orcs and New Hampshire's Elephant.

We're gonna have lots of new material to play at the show, featuring the as-yet-unperformed closer to our upcoming album "The Strangest Show on Earth." In addition we'll have some new covers along with the usual old standbys.

Tickets can be purchased on Ticketfly now, but your favorite band member will soon have paper presales as well.

For more information, check out the Facebook event.

Burlington, VT on Saturday 

For all those who came out to our shows over the weekend, much thanks. We had a great time with the always-excellent Mister F, and hot damn that was quite a rager with The Somerville Symphony Orkestar and The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library on Friday. Thanks to Joel from SSO and Aeronaut Brewing for hosting us. This weekend we're back up in Burlington, VT, doing two long sets at Red Square. Come see us with new addition Steve Wilkinson on drums. Can't wait!