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Citywide Blackout Interview 

Our friends over at WEMF and Citywide Blackout have posted the audio archive of my interview there on 9/10. I name-dropped a ton of awesome artists and scene freaks talking about our upcoming Davis Square Theatre taping, including the Somerville Symphony Orkestar, Moon Hooch, Elephant Wrecking Ball, Murdock Manor Presents, and more. We also talked about burning the city of Boston to the ground

This was a great talk with Matt Zappa and Max Bowen, and if that wasn't enough, I dropped a solo acoustic version of a BRAND NEW TUNE we're gonna record at SC:SSO:DST.


Remember this?

It was party of this crazy awesome night where Bent Knee and yours truly shared a monstrous bill at The Davis Square Theatre?

Have you ever thought to yourself, "man I wish I could have been there?"

We have good news. It's happening again. And this time we're going to tape a full set complete with lights and visual effects. It's happening Friday, October 2nd at the scene of the crime, the Davis Square Theatre. This time we'll be splitting the bill with The Somerville Symphony Orkestar.

More information coming soon.

Free Live Set Added 

Soooo we had a pretty good time playing in Nyack, NY a few weeks back at this joint Olive's... and now you can have a pretty good time listening to it in your living room. Special guest Jamie Howell on drums. Browse on over HERE to check it out.

Next Up: Secret Sessions at Church 

Hey everyone - to all those who threw down with us at Fury's in Dover last night, much thanks. Wow, what a great audience, as Mr. Valmer would say. Pioneer Surgery played an awesome set, sad to say those guys are gonna be parting ways soon but they're all great players.

Tuesday night we'll be hitting our old haunt Church of Boston for a set with NOLA's Yugen. These guys are making their first East Coast trip so be sure to get there early to check them out. We'll be hitting at 11 with our new drummer Jamie Howell, workin' on some new stuff and some old classics. 


Our big ol' clusterfuck of a 9 piece band has been working towards tonight's show since January when we first started reading down my arrangement of The Dillinger Escape Plan's Baby's First Coffin. Can't wait to show our fans the results. If ever a band earned your sacrifices (the ten bucks, the lack of sleep, the hangover you're gonna nurse at work tomorrow), it's this band, this stage, tonight at 11 PM at Precinct. It will go down as one of the proudest days of our young careers, and we want you to be there for it. For those that talk a big game about supporting local, independent music, for those that bitch and moan that no one bothers to learn their instruments anymore, we got somethin' for ya. It ain't about the money for this group. Tonight, it's about playing art music at the highest level. BE THERE.

Free Download of our 1/25 Show 

Navigate over to the brand new Free Live Sets link under the Music tab for a FREE DOWNLOAD of our full set from 1/25/13 at the Middle East Upstairs. The set features not one but TWO SC tunes that haven't yet been recorded. We also update an old standby with a timely cover, and you really don't want to miss the extended solo section from Huffin' in the Nude, feauturing vocal cameos from Adam Burke, Bryan Murphy, and some other friends. 

Thanks to Charles Gargano for doing the recording. Also thanks to original SC drummer Devin Collins who covererd for Tiago that night. It might have been our best show yet, don't miss out!