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Doom the living.... 

"In my opinion, the trombone is the true head of the family of wind instruments, which I have named the 'epic' one. It possesses nobility and grandeur to the highest degree; it has all the serious and powerful tones of sublime musical poetry, from religious, calm and imposing accents to savage, orgiastic outburst. Directed by the will of the master, the trombones can chant like a choir of priests, threaten, utter gloomy sighs, a mournful lament, or a bright hymn of glory; they can break forth into awe-inspiring cries and awaken the dead or doom the living with their fearful voices." -Berlioz

Tracking for THE STRANGEST SHOW ON EARTH continues at Kissy Pig today. Geoffrey Nielsen awakens the dead, dooms the living....

New Show - 2/21 @ Church of Boston 

Hey everyone! Super psyched to announce a headlining date at Church of Boston next month on Saturday, 2/21. This will be a New England fusion throwdown featuring local favorites Background Orcs and New Hampshire's Elephant.

We're gonna have lots of new material to play at the show, featuring the as-yet-unperformed closer to our upcoming album "The Strangest Show on Earth." In addition we'll have some new covers along with the usual old standbys.

Tickets can be purchased on Ticketfly now, but your favorite band member will soon have paper presales as well.

For more information, check out the Facebook event.

That's a wrap.... 

....just finished up drum tracking for our new full length record with the mighty Devin Collins. Keep an eye out for him touring with Felix Pastorius' Social Experiment and more in the coming months. He'll also be hitting with us later this month in New Haven and Boston. We're gonna unleash a WILD ASS new album next year. Can't wait for you guys to hear it.