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I Want You CD Review from Vents Magazine! 

Check out Kait Shirley's take on our full-length debut over at Vents! Choice quote: "They make music unlike what you’ve heard before. I Want You is a dark melting pot of a safari of musical genres and it’s listenable. No it’s more than that; it’s likeable. It’s enjoyable." 4.5 out of 5 stars. THAT'S SO MANY STARS!!!!!

Okay, no, seriously, VOTE this time! 

 Hey guys! We got our first taste of terrestrial radio thanks to the fine folks at Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood this week! If you head on over here, you can vote for our little folk ditty "Oh, Oh Lord" and help us stay on the air next Sunday as well. Tune in to 100.7 to hear the best music Boston has to offer!

Also, we are changing the venue of our show on 11/17 from Copperfield's to Church. It's gonna be an awesome lineup so scope the details on our calendar!